An Asymmetric Electron-Positron Collider for B Physics
Belle II exp.

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        宇宙の反物質消 滅の謎 New!    SuperKEKB speaks  New!        未 踏のルミノシティを目指す – SuperKEKB加速器 New!
        SuperKEKB making headway toward higher luminosity
       B ファクトリーとビーム物理      Next Generation B-factories New!
Optics correction       crab cavity      EPAC08  
KEKB Roadmap             コ ライダーのビーム物理    

One-day History of KEKB     Log
One-day History of Injection     log 
2-hour History        KEKB Status for i-mode           
Last 7 Days status     Event display INDICO 
KEKB History    Peak Luminosity 21.083 nb-1s-1 New!

Luminosity Records  Integrated Luminosity exceeded 1040 fb-1 !
Machine Parameters(JUN-17-2009)  history 
Machine Parameters(MAY-19-2008)  SuperKEKB   New!
Install HER cavity  LER movie 
Luminosity vs. CMS Energy      

Total Integrated Luminosity    K. Oide's scenario              
Daily Integrated Luminosity
Weekly Integrated Luminosity
Monthly Integrated Luminosity Belle Total Efficiency 
Peak Luminosity trend  2 New!  samo alarm log
World Peak Luminosity trends  
operation log   ILC damping ring meeting   indico 
KEKB/Belle Records

Bunch-by-Bunch Luminosity Monitor    long time    long range

Super KEKB
SAD upgrade meeting 
LCPAC 2006
 KEKB review committee   
2018 report
KEKB 加速器、前人未踏のルミノシティ 10 34 cm-2 s-1を達成
pdf  ppt  機構セミナー, 5/14/2003
KEKB scales peak in luminosity
     CERN COURIER NEWS Volume 431 Number 61
KEKB status report 巡業セミナー(船越)

Annual report 2004     Annual Report 2005     巡業 by M. Masuzawa     kikutani1   kikutani2 
KEKB Apr. 2001-June 2002 
(for KEK Annual Report 2001)
KEKB Design Report      1日積分記録達成      カ ニの横歩き
KEKB Accelerator papers (submitted to NIM) 300 fb-1 を超える!     500 fb-1     衝 突型加速器って何だろう      
「ビーム力学入門」      縦位置 
KEKBOperation Manual and Trouble Shooting
Japan's KEKB offers unprecedented luminosity
(CERN Courier Vol 41, No. 7)
Fuji test beam line
KEKB performance (PDF, in Japanese, 6/21/2001) クラブ空洞による衝突実験に世界で初めて成 功  Eng    Interactions  
An introductory overview (Japanese text) of KEKB Commissioning Reports in PDF (4/2/2002)
(Accelerator Studies by F. Zimmenmann)
DAFNE-KEKB Workshop (Feb, 2002)

Committees and Work Groups  KCG Seminar
Accelerator Control System IUC    
RF status
Beam Monitor Group RSS1/XML RSS2/XML
Beam abort log Belle abort log

Bunch Feedback System Support group
Crab Cavity Group
Vacuum System KEKB photo
Instability Working Group

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