PDF files on Commissioning of KEKB

Accelerator Physics at KEKB: by F. Zimmermann (4/2/2002)

Beam Sizes in Collision and Flip-Flop States at KEKB : by F. Zimmermann (9/10/2001)
IBump Feedback Tuning (T. Aoyama, et al, Mitsubishi Electric System Service Engineering + KEK, 9/7/2001)
Recent Progress in KEKB Luminosity (Y. Funakoshi) (5/19/2001) (To be published as an article of High Energy News, in Japanese)

Beam Blowup, HEACC2001 (H. Fukuma) (5/7/2001)
"Egure", Cloud-Clearing Electrode: by F. Zimmermann (5/7/2001)
Electron Cloud, K. Oide, Proc. LHC2001 (1/29/2001)

More Electron Cloud S tudies for KEKB: by F. Zimmermann, H. Fukuma, K. Ohmi(12/6/2000)

Solenoid Works! (10/13/2000)
One-day history: 6/19/2000 (8/9/2000)
What's achieved in KEKB and toward 10^34 (K. Oide) (8/8/2000)
Vertical Beam Size (from luminosity) vs LER current (8/8/2000)
History 7/25/2000 (8/8/2000)
Vertical Beam Blow-up (paper for EPAC2000) (8/3/2000)
KEKB Review (paper for EPAC2000) (7/21/2000)
Beam-Beam Review(paper for Factories 99 ) (2/20/2000)
Optics Correction (1/17/2000)
Electron Cloud by F. Zimmermann (1/11/2000)
Factories'99 Proc. by KCG (1/11/2000)
Beam size vs. Current (1/11/2000)

Low Emittance vs. High Emittance (12/20/1999)

History 12/20/1999
History 12/5/1999
Status 11/26/1999
A typical (bad) collision (Nov 1999)
Oide's talk at Factories'99