International Workshop on Multibunch Instabilities 
             in Future Electron and Positron Accelerators

                        KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
                        15 - 18 July, 1997
                      Third and Last Bulletin
                                                        July 7, 1997
Dear Colleagues,
The Workshop is only 1 week ahead. This last bulletin is 
intended to inform you of information on transportation and 
registration as well as the latest scientific program of the Workshop. 
More comprehensive information can be found on the Web page

If you have any question, please feel free to make a contact 
with us by e-mail (, fax (+81 298 64 3182) 
or phone (+81 298 64 5214). We look forward to seeing you in Tsukuba 

1.  Registration 

As stated in the second bulletin, the registration desk will be 
open from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm at the Hotel Grand Shinonome 
(Phone: 0298 56 2211) on July 14 (Monday). From Tuesday through 
Friday, the registration will be made at the Workshop headquarters 
at the conference room in the Building 3 of KEK. 
Only Japanese currency in cash (no credit card nor travelers 
check) will be accepted.

2.  Transportation between the Hotel Grand Shinonome and KEK

On July 15 (Tuesday) morning, a bus will leave the Hotel Grand 
Shinonome for KEK at 8:30 am (Buffet style breakfast is served 
at the restaurant on the ground floor of the annex (a Japanese 
style huge reception hall in front of of the hotel) between 
7:00 - 8:50 am). 

3.  Reception

A reception is held on Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm on the 
second floor of this annex of the Hotel Grand Shinonome. 
The bus will leave KEK for the the hotel at 5:45 pm.

4.  Latest scientific program (7/7/97)

The workshop is held at the Seminar Hall of Building 3 of KEK.
The latest program of the workshop is tabulated below. This 
program is far from complete. We want to have your active 
participation. Anybody who has some materials to show is 
strongly encouraged to prepare for presentation.

                9:00 am-12:30 pm              1:30 pm-5:00 pm       Evening

Mon., 14 July                                                       Registration 
Tue., 15 July   Plenary Session 1       Plenary Session 2 + WS 1    Reception
Wed., 16 July   Working Session 2       Excursion in Kasama
Thu., 17 July   Working Session 3       Working Session 4
Fri., 18 July   Working Session 5       Concluding Plenary + KEK Tour

The latest plan for each session is as follows:

Plenary Session 1: [Invited talks. 45 min each] Chair, S. Kurokawa
Opening address - M. Kihara (KEK)
Experiments on the fast ion instabilities at the TRISTAN AR - H. Fukuma (KEK)
Experiments on the fast ion instability at the ALS - F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
Experimental results on the fast ion instability in PLS - M. Kwon (PAL)
Evidence for e-p instability at the Los Alamos PSR - R. Macek (LANL)

Plenary Session 2: [Invited talks. 45 min each] Chair, S. Kurokawa
+ Working Session 1:[Ion instabilities] Chair, Y. H. Chin
Experiment at CESR - J. Rogers (Cornell)
Workshop Organization
Talks and discussions on ion instabilities

Working Session 2: [Ion instabilities continued. 25-30 min each] Chair, 
Y. H. Chin
Ion effects at the SLC electron damping ring - F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
Weak strong simulation for beam-ion interaction at the KEKB - Ohmi (KEK)
Data analysis for the experiment on fast beam-ion instability at AR - 
X. Zhang (KEK)
Effect of noise and damping on the fast ion instability - S. Heifets (SLAC)
Collective instability of bunches due to uncaptured ions - D. Pestrikov (INP)
Talks and discussions 

Working Session 3: [Photo electron instabilities. 25-30 min each] Chair,
J. Rogers
Experiments at the KEK PF - M. Isawa (KEK)
The study of beam-photoelectron instability on the BEPC - Z. Guo (KEK/IHEP)
Electron-cloud instability in the LHC - F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
Weak strong simulation for beam-photoelectron interaction at the KEKB -
Ohmi (KEK)
The electron-cloud effect for PEP-II - M. Furman (LBL)
Measuring the electron cloud in the APS storage ring - K. Harkey (ANL)
Talks and discussions

Working Session 5 : [Other multibunch instabilities. 25-30 min each] Chair, 
A. W. Chao
Electron-proton or ion-oscillation-like instabilities in the KEK Booster
synchrotron - Y. Irie (KEK)
Longitudinal beam instabilities in the APS storage ring - K. Harkey (ANL)
Ripple effects of klystron power supply on synchrotron osccillation - 
M. Hara (Spring-8)
Talks and discussions

Working Session 6 : [Cures for instabilities. 25-30 min each] Chair, T. Kasuga
Solenoid design for sweeping photo-electrons at the KEKB - S. Hiramatsu (KEK)
TiN cure at the PEP-II - M. Furman (LBL)
Transient-based beam diagnostics for coupled-bunch instabilities - J. Fox (SLAC)
Bunch by bunch feedback system for KEKB - M. Tobiyama (KEK)
Talks and discussions

Concluding Plenary : [30 min each]  Chair, Z. T. Zhao + KEK Tour 
Summary by chairpersons of each working session
Closing remark 
KEK tour

                                 * * * * *